We help with home, auto, motorcycle, RV and umbrella insurance. 

You’ve invested a lot into your home, your vehicle, your belongings and more. Make sure you’re fully protected from all types of loss with comprehensive insurance that fits your life.

From motorcycles to RVs, cars, trucks, homes, apartments and umbrella policies to cover the rest, The Olson Insurance Agency can help find the best insurance company, policy and price for your valuables.

Some of Our Personal Insurance Services

Car ownership is a big investment, and we can help you protect it. Your Insurance Brokerage will work with you to craft an auto insurance policy that is best able to meet your unique needs.

We can ensure you have not only the legally-required auto liability limits, but we also can go over your other insurance options. Coverages such as uninsured motorist, or comprehensive and collision can protect you in cases where the other driver is at fault while driving illegally or without insurance.

Your insurance agent will be happy to go over each of your policy options, what they cover, what they do not cover, as well as any deductible options available to you.

Becoming a home owner is a major event in our customers lives, and Your Insurance Brokerage can help you protect one of your largest financial investments. A homeowners’ policy will cover the physical structure of your home, as well as protect you from loss, personal liability, and costs that may result from an injury on your property, theft, or additional costs that may arise from a covered loss.

While renting you do not need to worry about insuring the actual physical home or apartment you live in. However that does not mean you should ignore insurance entirely. Renters insurance protects your personal possessions and shields you from lawsuits. Much like homeowners insurance, by speaking with one of our insurance brokers we can ensure your insurance policy is crafted to protect your real property from losses due to theft, as well as protection from the high cost of a lawsuit in the event a liability claim is brought against you.

At Your Insurance Brokerage, we understand liability claims can often exceed the basic limits afforded by an average home or auto policy. The costs of defending against, let alone losing a lawsuit based on a liability claim can be staggering. Umbrella liability insurance allows you to protect yourself from these claims. This can be done without having to raise your home and auto insurance coverage beyond the normal levels you would require. This allows you to keep your yearly insurance rates low, while maintaining a protective “umbrella” over your property.

These policies are directed at personal of family activities and are not normally extended to professional or business activities. These policies are directed at catastrophic events or can offer coverage for damages that are not normally covered by an insurance policy. In the event you lost a lawsuit and the damages either exceeded your insurance policy limits, or the lawsuit was in regards to allegations a normal policy would not cover, the umbrella policy would step in to pay those damages.

Since we are dealing with rare events, the rates for an umbrella policy can be very affordable. The pricing is based on a number of factors such as the number of homes, vehicles, and if you have any young drivers on your policies. However for most clients the average cost is around $150-$200 a year and can shield you from a judgement that otherwise would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Your Insurance Brokerage, many of our customers enjoy owning motorcycles or recreational vehicles, from the weekend warrior to the daily explorer. Your Insurance Brokerage can ensure you have the legally required liability limits and provide you with additional options for coverage such as uninsured motorist, or comprehensive and collision.

Your insurance agent will be happy to go over each of your policy options, what they cover, plus all the deductible options available to you.